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The New World Of SimCity BuildIt In Your Mobile Phone

There are lots of City Simulation video games out there to choose for you and me to play. Since this has become a trending franchise since it was released and it also revealed the SimCity all versions.  The truth is SimCity video games are one of the sought after with regards to Simulation entertainment because people love to become a leader or a innovator for a better City and SimCity fulfill this desire to those City Simulation lover.

Today EA have created a new SimCity BuildIt and have totally made the video game into a new whole level which is expected to entertain gamers. Nevertheless this is totally different Simulation because you can play the video game in iOS and Android though they don't reveal when they released the video game.

This SimCity BuildIt comes in a new feature especially the touch mechanics because you can move or rotate in 360 degrees as you pinch it. Another thing is the 3D graphics that give the video game a wonderful presentation. SimCity BuildIt is an advancement of SimCity but since the creation of mobile game, EA give what gamers are looking for just like Facebook in mobile devices so also with SimCity BuildIt.

The moment you have the installation of the game in your phone, you will begin to enter the name of your City or you can edit them later. The first thing you will do is to build the road, so that your City will become accessible for development as you are the Mayor in the City Simulation. To develop the City you are given SimCash from the start for building basic construction building. Then later on you will receive Simoleons as another requirement for upgrading buildings and as you provide the needs of you citizen.

Having Simcash and Simoleons can really help you build quickly your City. To avail the fee SimCash and Simoleons check out SimCity BuildIt cheats.

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